HTRT 5th episode: Recognizing & Understanding Our Denials

Aug 06, 2020

>>AMANDA:  Hello, everyone.  My name is Amanda.  


>>MEGAN:   Hi, I'm Megan.  Welcome to HTRT, Heal Talk, Real Talk, where we will be discussing about different topics.  Today, what will we discuss?


>>AMANDA:  Well, before we dive into today's topic, if you don't mind, I just want to talk about last week’s HTRT: what stood out the most, we want to check in and see if anyone had any follow-up comments, maybe we could answer your questions in this HTRT from before.  Then . . . 


>>MEGAN:   Yes.  


>>AMANDA:  Because one of the comments that was asked, I would like to follow-up with because that's really related to today's topic.  Do you want to check-in with that comment?


>>MEGAN:   Yes.  Let me think.  Yes, I fully understand and am with the whole Black Lives Matter movement, the protests, etc., and I know that a lot of...

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HTRT 2nd Episode: Reflecting Mother's Day

Aug 06, 2020
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HTRT 4th Episode: The Art of Unlearning and Unfolding with Transcript

Jul 17, 2020

July 17, 2020 

4th Episode 

AMANDA: Hello, I'm Amanda. 

MEGAN: Hi and I'm Megan! Welcome to Heal Talk, Real Talk.

AMANDA: We will be doing this Fridays, 11:30 AM MST. Megan and I are cofounders of Heal Talk, Real Talk.

We talk about what is going on in the community and how it relates to our roles as therapists. 

First, we check in with each other. Last week, we talked about vulnerability. We talked about the power of vulnerability and how it impacts mental health, systematic change. For those who missed last week, you can look on our webpage. We tend to check in with each other. Did we benefit? Or get anything from last week?

MEGAN: Right, last week, we had a good discussion. We got vulnerable. I felt exhausted like I had been in my own therapy session.


MEGAN: I am just spent after that. You need time to process and wind down. I felt that. I felt like a client. Vulnerability is not something you talk about just once and you have it...

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HTRT 3rd episode: Vulnerability with Transcript

Jul 16, 2020

Friday, 7/10/2020 

11:30AM MST


>>AMANDA:  Hi, everyone!  I'm Amanda. 

>>MEGAN:  And I'm Megan.  Hi! 

>>AMANDA:   Welcome to Heal Talk, Real Talk, or HTRT.  This is a time where Megan and I, the Co-Founders of National Deaf Therapy, connect, and chat, and have a conversation -- a real personal conversation -- on many different levels, as business owners and therapists. Well, it's been a while since we were last live.

 >>MEGAN:  Yeah, it's been a month! 

 >>AMANDA:   That's right. 

 >>MEGAN:  And there have been so many things.  Well, I wanted to recognize the healing conversations we've had, and what things have looked like in therapy sessions.  In real life, we want to share those. And we thought, "Why not include our audience?!" 

 People have reached out to us before, and they want things to be more accessible. Hey, we agree. We...

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