National Deaf Therapy want to make subscriptions easy for you. 


We have many different subscriptions for you to sign up but we decide to make it easier for you by putting different subscriptions in one page so you can sign up for all of them, few of them or just one! 

Not sure about getting therapy service? 

Sometimes we don't know if therapy service is what we need at the moment but would like to learn more about mental health. This subscription is for you. Sign up to learn more about mental health well-being, expectations for therapy service and many more.

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Support Circle: 

a community-based tool

We experience different symptoms of mental health and it can be intense. You might think you are only one that feel this way. There are people who know what it is like or are experiencing the symptoms, just like you. This is a tool for the community to support each other. It truly takes a village to take care of each other.

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Community Compassion Toolkit

What are in the toolkit?

ASL based modules with different information, resources, and tools that you can use in your daily lives.

We want to acknowledge that it is a work in progress. We are learning as we go so these modules will be updated when we want to share the new resources with you. We are figuring out ways to incorporate different healing approaches and learning styles to support access to mental health resources for the community. Sign up to get the toolkit and begin your journey here!

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General Announcement Subscription

Do you want to keep up with National Deaf Therapy? We are growing and always striving to create more resources to support you. Want to get the videos that we post on social media in your email like Heal Talk Real Talk, NDT Tools, or educational videos? If so, sign up!  

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Want to learn more about Trauma? 

We offer a free subscription about trauma. 

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Want to learn more about Anxiety? 

We offer a free subscription about anxiety. 

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Self Care Package 

Self Care isn't selfish. It is time for us to upgrade our self care. NDT created a package for you to subscribe to that reminds you of your worth. You are worthy of all the tools you can receive to take care of yourself. Take the first step in elevating your self care by signing up to subscribe.

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